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Balloons Over Texas

has been providing Unique and Festive balloons for over 30 years. We started in New England all those years ago. Michelle moved back to San Antonio and continues to make magical displays throughout San Antonio, Austin, Fredericksburg and surrounding areas. CONTACT US today to start planning your event. View pricing info below.
All of our décor is custom, but most items fit into one of the categories below. Think of these as building blocks for your event. We will recommend what will work best, but this is a good starting point for pricing and brainstorming! START PLANNING TODAY.

Owner info

Owner, Michelle Rowe is a 22 year military veteran. She started her career here in San Antonio as an Army Nurse. She transitioned to the Air Force in 1998 where she served as a Flight Nurse until retirement. Ask her how many countries she has traveled to!

We promise to keep the environment as safe as it should be


  1. No Balloon Releases – Members of PEBA USA do not support, or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons.
  2. Responsible Use and Disposal of Balloons – PEBA USA Members will follow responsible practices regarding the uses and disposal of all balloons.
  3. Education – PEBA USA members will continue to educate the general public, clients, and venue managers on the importance of not releasing balloons into the environment, on alternative options to releases, and the correct use and disposal of balloons.
  4. Awareness – Members are requested, where possible, to include a link to PEBA USA on their website, invoices or email signature to help raise awareness.
  5. Community – Members are asked to notify PEBA USA if they become aware of any environmental issue pertaining to balloons, or are having any difficulties dealing with anyone in regards to environmental issues in the United States.
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